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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Gingerbread man Christmas wall Garland

Gingerbread man Christmas garland
Gingerbread man Christmas Garland
Yesterday I listed this Gingerbread man Christmas wall Garland in my shop, ByElsieB. This has been something of a labour of love and I wanted to share with you here how I made it.
Christmas tree applique
Christmas tree appliqued to pendant
I cut the Gingerbread mean out of brown felt and then embroidered French knots with black embroidery thread for the eyes and buttons on each. I then used red embroidery thread to stem-stitch the smile on each. The next step was cutting out the calico cotton for the pendants. I cut eight of these for the front and back of each pendant. I then machine appliqued each Gingerbread man onto a pendant using a straight stitch on the machine and red thread.
The next step was to make them all Christmassy. I found my stash of Christmas fabrics and looked over them for shapes I could cut out. I found a stocking, a Christmas tree, a present, a Santa hat and a candy cane. I machine appliqued these into place using straight stitch and red thread.
Gingerbread man Christmas bunting detail
I then took a step back and thought each pendant was looking a bit plain. I experimented with the decorative stitches on my machine on scraps of fabric until I found the one I liked and put that around the edges of each pendant.
The next step was to sew the back pieces to each pendant so that the back looked smart. I sewed round three edges leaving the top edge open so I could turn them inside out. I turned them, then ironed them.
The final step was to attach them to the red bias binding which forms the hanging cord. I did this with a wide zig-zag stitch. I made little loops each end so that the garland is easy to hang from a drawing pin or a hook.

Gingerbread man Christmas Garland
The perfect length to hang over a doorway

Christmas gift applique
Christmas gift appliqued onto the pendant

Gingerbread man Christmas garland detail

Santa hat appliqued to felt Gingerbread man
Santa hat appliqued to Gingerbread man

Christmas stocking appliqued to felt Gingerbread man
Christmas Stocking applique
I think that this Gingerbread man Christmas garland will bring some festive sweetness and spice to your seasonal décor. The Christmas cheer brought to your home by this sweet garland will bring a smile to everyone's faces. It's traditional Christmas colours will blend with most Christmas décor and the neutral background blends well with the décor of both traditional and more contemporary homes. If you'd like to buy it rather than make it, click here.

What do you think of my design? Where would you hang it in your home? If you make your own version I'd love to see it on instagram or twitter @ByElsieB. Please leave comments below.

Watch my shop for more Christmas décor, coming soon.
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  1. Oh my goodness, that is adorable!

    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog, very sweet :o)


  2. Lucy, I love this garland! And your pictures are so clear and crisp. I love that it's a shorter garland that will fit over a door or a window. This is getting me in the holiday mood! joy

  3. Thank you Joy!