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Monday, 4 November 2013

Personalized Christmas Stocking - Calico with Christmas Print Letters

Personalized Christmas Stocking ByElsieB

Personalized Christmas Stocking ByElsieB
Personalised Christmas STocking and Christmas Pillow ByElsieBThis personalised Christmas Stocking is made from the neutral coloured Calico cotton fabric. The letters are made from a variety of luxuriant Christmas fabrics (not necessarily those shown, but with the same look and feel). You can have up to eight letters on for the name. These are appliqued onto the calico body of the stocking with red thread. It is completed by a red hanging hook at the top and red top stitching. 20 inches / 51cm along the longest dimension, 16 inches / 41cm along the widest dimension.

The anticipation and delight on your little angel's face will be a joy to behold on Christmas morning as they pitter-patter towards the treasure in this stocking. A great start to a perfect Christmas day. And Santa will have been sure to get the gifts in the right sock, as emblazoned on each is the owner's name....

It takes me up to two weeks to make personalised goods to a high-standard, so order early. But anticipating a good thing is half the joy! If you would like the item customised further please ask by sending a message before ordering. Alternatively you might like to enter my contest to win a stocking by clicking here.
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