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Monday, 11 November 2013

Rainy November day

Rock cakes on Emma Bridgwater plate
Rock cakes on Emma Bridgwater plate
Today I thought I'd give you a little insight into my home life. Monday is one of my quieter days as The Bug (my daughter) doesn't go to Pre-School and there are no extra-curricular activities such as swimming. Normally on a Monday we would pop down to my mum's house (who lives seven minutes walk away) but today we were expecting a new TV to arrive in the time window of 7am-2pm (not a small window) so we were stuck at home. I usually hate being stuck at home with the children and not getting to go outside at all - but today, with the rain pouring down all day - it has been quite nice and cosy. You kind of feel protected from the elements. The children have played nicely, my sister popped in with my baby nephew and I've made Rock Cakes (I forgot the demara sugar that should have been sprinkled on top) for our regular Monday afternoon play-date this afternoon. This week the play date is at our house - three other families, all with two children. It can be absolute chaos but it's good fun. The last time we hosted us mums were so busy chatting that we didn't notice all eight of the children throwing wet sand at the new greenhouse my husband had just finished building. As my one-year old son would say when something has gone wrong 'Uh-oh'. Luckily we just had to wash it down and no harm was done.

Rock Cake recipe -  Berry, M. (2003) Mary Berry's Ultimate Cake Book.

How do you like to cosy-up on a rainy autumn day?
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