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Monday, 24 February 2014

New baby gift or nursery decor from ByElsieB: monogrammed pillows

I am so excited to reveal to you today my new range of boys' and girl's monogrammed pillows.

Blue monogram pillows ByElsieB
Blue monogram pillows
Girls' monogram pillows
cot with letter pillows
Monogrammed pillows in a cot
I have designed these pillows as an alternative to my very popular personalised cushions. They have a more affordable price tag, can be collected individually or to spell out initials or even names. They make wonderful baby or children's gifts, or they are a wonderful way to accessorise a child's nusery or bedroom. All pillows come gift wrapped in white tissue paper and tied with co-ordinating raffia. If you tell me the name of the person it is for I will enclose a card giving the definition of their name, making the gift even more personal.You can order them with letters or numbers on them, in any of the fabrics featured in the multi-fabric edging.

nursery shelves with monogrammed pillows
Create this beautiful display in a girl's bedroom
What makes monogram pillows a great gift for a baby or child?
1. Having something personal to them, such as a cushion with their initial on it, is very special to a young child. It helps to affirm their identity and individuality as they find their feet in the world.
2. They are beautiful and eye-catching. Filling a child's world with beautiful things has to be a good thing. Parents will love these as much as the children - and that can't be said for every gift you could buy for a baby or child.
3. Having letters around helps to inspire children about reading. My three year-old has learned her letters almost incidentally by having items like this around the house
4. They add interest, comfort and colour to the home.

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Do you know a small baby or child? Do they have a special occasion coming up such as a Christening or Baptism or Birthday? You can order these beautiful pillows in my etsy shop, ByElsieB today.

If there are no babies or children in your life with forthcoming special occasions sign-up for my baby gift guide. That way you'll have wonderful gift ideas at your finger tips next time a new baby is born or when you are next invited to a Christening. All you have to do is put your email address in the box below and the guide will be emailed within an hour, with a 10% off code for the beautiful handmade items in my store.
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