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Monday, 3 March 2014

Looking back - February 2014

I have always been one to look back - relishing and loving happy memories of the past and drawing on what I have learned and trying to apply to to what I'm doing now. I love the visual way of looking back at the relatively recent past using my instagram feed.

I have had some very happy times this month but in other respects its been a bit of struggle. I adore the emergence of the spring flowers, I had a wonderful trip to London with my husband to see the musical 'Matilda' and I've had some happy times with the children. I also managed to get some amazing publicity for my local Pre-School - turning the negative of people stealing our posters into the positive of getting it featured in three local newspapers and on one local radio station. My biggest professional achievement was launching my new line of monogrammed pillows - it was really hard work but I'm really proud of what I have made and the photography I have done to show them off.
However, I've been struggling with migraines and low-energy. At times I've really been questioning if I try to do too much. The trouble is its all so worthwhile and something just drives me to keep doing it all - even when I'm in pain. I think I just need to get even better at managing my time so that I can keep doing everything - to be more efficient in everything I do. Seeing as I'm a lifetime fan of efficiency this shouldn't be too hard!
In March I'm looking forward to a month of celebration - my son's Christening, my birthday and my daughter's birthday. March has dawned with sunshine for us so I'm optimistically looking forward to the third month of 2014.

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