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Free baby gift guide

A new baby has been born to someone special in your life. You want to get them something special and useful but don't really know where to start. The last time a new baby came along you bought a pack of three sleepsuits but you suspect that the baby was given many other similar packs. Where should you turn for inspiration?

My FREE baby gift guide has all the answers. I have combined my experience as a mother of two small children (who have been the recipient of lots of baby gifts), the giver of many baby gifts, the maker of beautiful handmade items for other people to give together with some research to put together a free baby gift guide for all my readers.

The guide covers the four key gift-giving occasions of baby's first year:

  • Birth - where everyone wants to welcome the new life into the world with love and generosity
  • Christening, baptism or naming ceremony - which is a time where we affirm the new life of the baby and celebrate their birth
  • First Christmas - a precious time for the new baby and their parents. This occasion can fall at any time in the first year so you need to understand the developmental stage that the baby is at in order to choose the best gift possible
  • First Birthday - a major milestone in any life, and a time when the child is really developing their own personality. 
The guide breaks down:
  • What you're trying to communicate with the gift at each of these occasions
  • Traditional gifts on each occasion and modern versions of these
  • Practical gifts that will help a family with a new baby get up and running
  • Gifts that help the family cherish and nurture the new baby
There is also a helpful page of dos and don'ts as well as some suggestions about how to give gifts in the most considerate way possible.
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The guide covers gift ideas that are suitable for any budget so whether you're buying for your new niece, nephew or grandchild, or the people over the road's new baby who you hardly ever see, there will be an idea for you.

Along with the gift guide you will also get a voucher code for 10% off at ByElsieB where you can buy beautiful handmade baby gifts at a wide range of prices.

Even if you don't know a new baby today, there is bound to be one in the future.

To receive the baby gift guide just put your email into the box at the bottom of the page and within an hour the guide and your voucher code will be in your inbox.

When it arrives print it off and put it in a safe place like your address book or birthday book, or save it to your computer for future reference.

Don't hesitate - get your free baby gift guide today! Here's the box where you can put your email address....
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